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Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are used in a wide variety of applications including factory units, shops, offices, garages, due to their versatility no matter where you go you will find a roller shutter in some form. Architect are specifying fire shutters more as the need and awareness for public protection increases, fire shutters are more commonly found in works canteens, restaurants & shopping malls where fire and smoke need to be contained.


Roller shutters are manufactured to operate either manually or electrically, electric operation is becoming more popular due to the ease of use.

Electrically operated roller shutters operate with 1phase tubular motor or 3 phase built on motor, 1 phase is normally found in shop front or office applications where usage is less frequent and the roller shutters are smaller in size.

3 phase roller shutters are used more in industrial applications and loading bay areas where traffic is heavier & usage is more frequent. Fire roller shutters are fitted to canteen and restaurant serveries to contain the spread of flames & smoke in the event of a fire. Normally the fire shutter would be linked into the buildings fire alarm & only certified products to a specific fire rating should be fitted. Fire shutters are manufactured in both manual and electric operation.


Roller shutter controls vary from a simple key switch to a more complex fork truck mounted remote control system.

The most common controls are key switch, remote-control, push-button station, & rocker switch, all the options make life easier for the operator and all the options have a specific role in different applications.


We can fit a number of safety devices to our roller shutters, these include:-

Safety brake which stops the motor from crashing down should the spring snap or the motor fail.

Safety edge which is fitted to the shutter bottom rail and when the shutter is operated in the down cycle and the safety edge hits an obstruction the shutter stops then returns to the open position

Photocell & reflector normally fitted to the shutter guides and when the shutter is operated in either direction and an obstruction such as a vehicle or person breaks the beam across the shutter the shutter will stop.

Surface finish

Roller shutters can be hand painted, polyester powder coated, or be finished with a plastisol leather grain coating to the outer face.

Roller Shutter Door Servicing

Roller shutter doors are an essential part of any commercial or industrial property, providing security, insulation, and ease of access. However, like any mechanical device, roller shutter doors require regular maintenance to function at their best. Door Supply, a leading supplier of roller shutter doors, also offer roller shutter door servicing to ensure your doors operate smoothly and safely.

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